The only thing Hannes Jordaan will be slicing anytime soon is his victory cake

Hannes was battling with a "over the top" swing, which caused the ball to slice to the right. He was over-swinging and using only arms on his downswing. This position resulted in a very steep shaft ... See more

Forever in our hearts, Flippie Viljoen

Dit is met groot hartseer en ‘n swaar gemoed om die afsterwe van Phillip “Flippie” Viljoen met almal te deel. Flippie het GNGU op verskeie vlakke en toernooie vertoonwoordig. Hy was ook ‘n staatmaker ... See more

Liam overcame his biggest obstacle and now the sky is the limit

Liam was a great driver of the ball due to his flat backswing that he had, however he found it difficult to hit his irons well. Liam was taking the club too flat back, causing the club to get too far ... See more

Watch out for Lemphane Mokhobo's fearless swing on the golf course

"Before working on my game with coach Philip, I was struggling to remedy the inconsistencies in my game. Coach Philip allowed me to showcase my swing and took me through various drills and showed me ... See more